Surname Saturday: Asher

It’s Surname Saturday, and I’m going alphabetical order through my surnames each week.

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This week’s surname is Asher.  My earliest known Asher ancestor is John Ellet Asher (Abt 1808 – bef 1860).

My ancestral line back through John Asher is:

1.) Elyse Doerflinger (1989-living)

2.) Thomas Dugger (living)
3.) Sharon Doerflinger (1959-2010)

4.) Herbert Hoover Dugger (1927-2003)
5.) Nancy Jean Rogers (1924-2002)

6.) Monroe Dugger (1885-1951)
7.) Matilda E. Clawson (1886-1935)

8.) Benjamin Smith Dugger (1835-1885)
9.) Charlotte Asher (1843- )

10.) John Ellet Asher (1808-bef 1860).  John Asher was born in Tennessee and lived in Johnson County, Tennessee during his lifetime.
11.) Louisa Estep (1815- )

Are we cousins?  Contact me so we can share!


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