Another Jamboree is Over

I am now home and recovering from a wonderful weekend in Burbank at SCGS’s Jamboree.  This was my 3rd Jamboree, and I had a blast!  There is nothing better than being in surrounded by old and new friends, top notch speakers, tons of wonderful and hardworking volunteers, and a bustling exhibit hall.  This was one amazing and memorable weekend – but I must admit that I am so happy to be home and resting.  An event like this can wear you out.

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get a lot of learning done.  I attended quite a few of the sessions offered over the weekend, which gave me new ideas and provided some much needed motivation to tackle some of my research problems.

But the real learning took place while I was getting to know some of my fellow attendees.  I loved seeing my friends and meeting new ones.  I was honored to meet the recipient of the Suzanne Freeman Memorial Student Genealogy Grant, Anthony Ray.  His specialty is Hispanic research and hopefully he will soon be a genealogy blogger!  (You should really consider donating some money to this amazing grant, which provides financial assistance to a young genealogist to help them attend Jamboree – the donate button is on the bottom of the page).

Overall – this conference was a huge success.  I had more fun than I could ever have imagined and I learned so much.  But I am also exhausted.

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One response to “Another Jamboree is Over

  1. Elyse, It is always wonderful to see you and hear about your latest adventures. I never knew you wanted to be a Boy Scout merit badge counselor! You sure did a great job out there.
    See you at #scgs12, if not sooner.

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