Jamboree 2011 Game Plan

It is officially 11 hours until I leave for the train station.  I’m taking the train to Burbank and I’m so excited!  My suitcase is packed and now I’m just working on making sure I have all of my tech related gear together in my backpack.  I am so excited for this weekend, but I have a lot on my mind as I try to get everything ready.  I just know I won’t be able to get much sleep tonight.  Below you’ll find my plans:


  • Arrive in Burbank around 9:30 am
  • Kids Camp meeting at 1 pm and then Kids Camp starts at 3 pm – 7 pm’


  • Second Life World Table in the tent from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.  Please come visit me and say hi!
  • Geneabloggers Ice Cream Social sponsored by Geni at 8 pm


  • At 11:30 am, I will be on the Bloggers Summit Part II panel with Kathryn Doyle, Joan Miller, and Dick Eastman.  Thomas MacEntee will be moderating.
  • Sometime around 8:00 or 8:30, there will be an unofficial Pajama Party.  This is completely unofficial.  This came about as a joke last year, because all of the bloggers hung out in the lobby of the hotel until late in the evening to take advantage of the free wi-fi.  Since we were down there so late, why not have us in our jammies?  So this year we are having an unofficial PJ party.  I like to think of it as a “Jammin Jamboree Jammie Party” (Say that 3 times fast!).  Stay tuned… because there will be goodies too!


  • The final day of the most amazing weekend of the entire year.  I’ll be so sad and so very exhausted – and I’ll know it was all more than worth it.  My train leaves Burbank around 3.

Throughout the weekend, I’ll also be handing out some WikiTree goodies and showing people how to navigate the website.

Jamboree is so much more than a genealogy conference for me: It is like the best family reunion ever!  It is so much fun to see all of my genealogy friends, family, and colleagues.  There is always excitement in the air, something new to learn, and a new tech toy to try out.  Even when I lay down to go to sleep, I can’t seem to quiet my mind because the memories of the day are swirling through my brain.  There is nothing better than being in a learning environment and connecting with your fellow researchers.  The first time I went to Jamboree, I promised myself that I would never miss one – no matter what I have to do to get there.

There is no way I’m getting a sound sleep tonight – I’m just too excited.  I’m so excited that I just might burst into confetti at any moment.

And don’t worry – there will be LOTS of pictures!

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