What I Do Meme

* Hardware: Toshiba Satellite L450 Laptop with Intel Celeron 900 @ 2.20 GHz, RAM 2.00 GB

* External storage: 16 GB Flashdrive

Online storage: DropBox (free)

* Backup: Mozy (I L-O-V-E Mozy – and 2GB of storage free) and DropBox

* Printer: HP 1200 All In One (printer, copier, scanner)

* Phone: an LG something or other

* E-mail: Gmail (and I LOVE Gmail)

* Mobile device: see Phone above

* Mobile media: iPod Mini (they don’t make these anymore, so the link goes to the iPod Nano)

* eBook Reader: Kindle for the PC

* Browser: Google Chrome

* Calendar: Google Calendar

* RSS: reader is Google Reader, burner is Feedburner

* FTP: Filezilla

* Text editor: Microsoft Office Word 2007, OpenOffice Writer, and Notepad.

* Graphics: Picasa

* Screen capture: Snipping Tool

* Social media: FacebookLinkedInTwitter

* Social bookmarking: StumbleUpon

* Social profile: Retaggr

* URL shortener: su.pr

* Office suite: Microsoft Office 2007Google Docs

* Accounting: Excel

* Firewall: Windows Firewall

* Virus protection: ESET NOD Antivirus 4

* Spyware: MalwareBytes

* File cleaner: CCleaner (cleans temp files and junk off your system)

* Genealogy database: RootsMagic 4 (I couldn’t live without this program)

* Genealogy tools: Surname Suggestion List, Microsoft OneNote (organize ideas, create lists, brainstorm)

* PDF generator: I just use Microsoft Word 2007

* Music player: iTunes

* Blog: WordPress

* Car audio: Just the radio – the tape deck doesn’t work so I can’t even use one of those tape things that hooks to your iPod to play the music.

* Other tech stuff: Um…nothing noteworthy that I can think of here.  Except PayPal.  I love using PayPal.

Thanks Thomas (of Geneabloggers) for this wonderful Meme!

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  1. wow wow wow very detailed but also great read it is always nice to learn what is working for people.

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