Matrimony Monday: Julia Downer & William Morris

For the longest time, I’ve been searching for the marriage record for my great-great grandparents, Julia Ann Downer and William M. Morris.  I had been unsure of which county and state they had married because they moved around so often.  To complicate matters further, Julia’s family lived on a border town between Ohio and what is now West Virginia.

After not coming up with any solid leads online, I ordered some indexes on microfilm from the Family History Library to see if I could find the marriage record.  I couldn’t.  I started getting frustrated.  I started searching another roll of microfilm and trying not to lose hope.

Then I saw it: “Julia Doroner m Wm Morris April 24, 1851″.

My stomach was instantly filled with butterflies and something in my gut just told me this was them.  Once I found the page, I knew it was them:

From October 14, 2011

Julia Downer (not Doroner) and William Morris were married on 24 April 1851 in Washington County, Ohio.  Julia’s father, Zachues Downer, was living in Belpre Township, Washington County, Ohio during the 1850 census – so the marriage most likely occurred close to Belpre.

But I didn’t get everything I had hoped out of this marriage record: Since “William Morris” is such a popular name, I had hoped this record would give me more identifying information about William.  Then perhaps I could finally learn about his parents.

But at least now I have a date and a place.  YAY!

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5 responses to “Matrimony Monday: Julia Downer & William Morris

  1. I bet you did a happy dance. shame about William but you never know something may still turn up.
    Helen Smith´s last blog post ..Christmas is Coming!

  2. Congrats! Great find! 😉
    Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith´s last blog post ..Sentimental Sunday – 65th Reunion of Class of 1946

  3. It is a good feeling. I love those moments.

    I did something similar this weekend. I found 19th century, and older, Czech Parish Registers online (post coming soon) and I dug through the location that we had written down for my wife’s great-great grandparent’s marriage. Searched for hours, no luck. Then I just blindly started searching another parish and BOOM, there it was. Fortunately, this record also listed their parent’s names and also the mother’s father’s name.
    Brian Zalewski´s last blog post ..SNGF: GeneaMeme

  4. Congratulations!!! I know the feeling of trolling through microfilm and then AHA!!!! Good luck on the next phase!

  5. Congrats on your find. I’m sorry you didn’t find more information, but I bet it still feels like a huge success!
    Ginger Smith´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – Tabitha House

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