Dear Genea-Santa…

Dear Genea-Santa,

Santa Claus (1895)

I know Christmas and the holidays are still a month and a half away, but I wanted to send you my Christmas list early.  I’ll keep my list short this year.

Since I got my license this year, I have enjoyed going to libraries and archives in the Southern California area.  It has been wonderful and better than I could have ever dreamed.  My eyes light up and my heart races with excitement when I meet the smell of dust and old paper.  Needless to say, I love it.

So this year, I am asking for…

  • Gas Gift Cards. Gas is expensive.  I can’t always afford the gas to go to every library and archive that I want to go to.  Gas cards would be a life-saver here.
  • Stocking Stuffer: Rolls of quarters and dimes.  Finally, I can make as many copies and print-outs as my heart desires.
  • An internet air-card.  Not everywhere has free wireless internet.
  • (I know this one is far-fetched, but I can’t resist asking for it anyway) … a new car.  I know it is a lot to ask for.  But have you seen my car?  The front two windows don’t go up or down.  The handles on the driver and passenger side doors have broken off. The gas mileage is horrible.  And it is almost as old as I am, which would be no problem if it was in good working order.  But I am always keeping my AAA account active and well because I am so terrified of my car breaking down in the middle of no where and being stranded.  I need a new car.  Not a new car.  But a new car to me.  One that works.  Preferably one that connects an iPod to it so I can listen to genealogy podcasts on my way to do genealogy research.


Your source citation writing friend,


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*Photo belongs to Chuck Coker and is on Flickr.  I do not own this photo.

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4 responses to “Dear Genea-Santa…

  1. You have a great list. I hope you get all your wishes.
    Janet Iles´s last blog post ..Carnival of Genealogy – Religious Rites a long standing tradition in our family

  2. Great idea and loving you picture of the great man himself….

  3. Love the post and the idea of asking for an internet air card!
    Michelle Goodrum´s last blog post ..Sorting Saturday – Resource Files

  4. Love the post. I can definitely relate to the new car. Genea Santa and my credit union will just have to make that one happen for me. I’ve also asked for a Flip-Pal.

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