Changes To “Who Do You Think You Are” Schedule

(Get ready to throw a big tantrum because this news is not going to make you happy)

I just read on the Southern California Genealogical Society and Family Research Library Blog that there will be changes to the schedule of Who Do You Think You Are episodes.  The new schedule is as follows:

  • April 2   – Brooke Shields
  • April 9   – (repeat) Sarah Jessica Parker
  • April 16 – No Episode
  • April 23 – Susan Sarandon
  • April 30  – Spike Lee

I’ll be honest now: I am not pleased with this change in schedule.  I was really loving the predictability of the original schedule.  It was easy to remember and created a routine.  While this change is certainly not the end of the world (they are playing the entire series, even if in a weird schedule), I still feel like it is a bad idea.

While there are many in the genealogical community dedicated to watching this show, what about the rest of the public?  I worry that this will cause a decrease in interest among those who are not exactly “into” genealogy.  Will this make them stop caring?  I just see so many risks for the ratings.

So I am curious – what do all of you think?  How will this effect the ratings of Who Do You Think You Are?

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17 responses to “Changes To “Who Do You Think You Are” Schedule

  1. They are messing with their own success. But Ancestry is not known for listening to the public first! They always seem to put themselves in this position. They like to think they know what we want without listening to us. Sadly, it’s predictable.

    • In all fairness, I think NBC, gets the final say in the broadcasting schedule (I don’t know for sure though).

  2. I don’t see an issue with the repeat. Repeats are common with television series, and can sometimes draw in more viewers who missed it the first time. It’s rare that a series shows all the episodes in a row with no repeats.

    The week they’re skipping, it appears they’re replacing it with an “original movie” about a family that uncovers family secrets

    I guess either NBC saw a ‘connection’ and thought they’d try to gain a few viewers for the movie. Or Walmart (the producer) saw the connection and ‘suggested’ to NBC they air it then.

    • John – thank you so much for sharing your input. I didn’t realize that NBC was putting a movie on the day of the skip. While I guess I can see a connection in general theme, I don’t think the movie will hit the target audience that WDYTYA is hitting (the 25-45 or so age range). But that is purely my own opinion.
      I just wish that NBC would show all of the episodes and then start doing the repeats. That way people who need to catch up can.
      I guess I am only a bit annoyed that NBC changed the schedule after they created it. I mean I was definitely looking forward to the new episodes that were coming up (my dad is actually excited about the Spike Lee episode – which is a huge surprise). But I can wait. I would watch the show no matter when it came on.

  3. Elyse,
    I like the look of your blog now. It has been a while since I have gotten by. I don’t have television so I have been watching the excerpts they have online. Maybe they also thought it might be good to respond to the “wave” they have had in Societies utilizing them for activities. Just a thought…

  4. Welcome to broadcast television. I work at a broadcast company and this happens a lot. There is a person in charge of just keeping track of scheduling changes. At least they’re still showing the whole series. Fortunately, it’s getting pretty decent ratings (for NBC, at least.)

  5. I think it might be a good time to have a party and invite some friends and family over who haven’t yet seen all the episodes to watch “taped” versions of the show.
    .-= Ginger Smith´s last blog ..1790 Granville Co NC Census – Williams =-.

  6. while I saw the first one with Sarah, I did not think to tape it. Now I will get that chance. Looking forward to seeing them all.

    .-= Tina Sansone´s last blog ..How Genealogical Societies Can Collaborate =-.

  7. Elyse,

    I don’t like this change either. It does not seem logical to do a repeat of an episode in the middle of a series.

  8. Guess I’ll take the two weeks of no new episodes to catch up on my writing and analysis of the first five episodes.
    .-= ProfessorDru´s last blog ..My Family’s 1963 Television Set =-.

  9. You are the winner of the Ancestor Approved Award!
    .-= Michelle Goodrum´s last blog ..Ancestor Approved Award =-.

  10. Elyse,

    I agree with you and I’m disappointed by the change in schedule. The networks typically show the entire series of new shows before they start repeating or I think it used to be that way but I don’t watch a lot of TV these days so what do I know. I guess I take that time during the next two weeks to attempt to get caught up on a few things.

  11. Are you saying the days of the week are changed as well. Nothing stops me more than not remembering what night my show is moved too. And the atuomatic recording feature for most people gets full fast, so one can not rely on that. so far for missed episodes, I have had to rely on the great blogs that support it and have the means to display the show. As for the other shows, I haven’t researched enough to even know what channel the shows are on at my area. Because at one time my cable moved the numbers and chanels around. So I didn’t keep up.
    So I agree they are messing around with the public. I suppose a few will be really happy. I figure reruns are my small blessings sometimes.
    Thanks for the information.

    If I have the blogs saved who have the old episodes [whick I may have had to google to find] and put in my blog roll, I am in heaven.

  12. You have been awarded the Ancestor Approved award for your great work on your genealogy blog…please stop by my blog and pick up the award (by right clicking on it and saving it to a .jpg) and then post the below information with the picture, using the format I used when receiving it.

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