6 Genealogy Tasks You Can Accomplish in 30 Minutes or Less

Most of us genealogists don’t have as much time to devote to our research as we would like.  Sometimes the only genealogy time we have in a night is a half our during our lunch break or 20 minutes after the kids go to bed.  Even a small time slot is effective genealogy time.  Here is a list of 6 genealogy tasks you can complete in 30 minutes or less.

  1. Order a record from a courthouse, archive, library, etc.
  2. Put away 10 files
  3. Create a list of genealogy goals to complete in the next week, month, or year
  4. Scan and label 10 photos
  5. Write a genealogy query to post on a message board, mailing list, your blog or a website
  6. Do a search on a search engine or a genealogy website

What would you add to this list?

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4 responses to “6 Genealogy Tasks You Can Accomplish in 30 Minutes or Less

  1. Here are some more:

    7. Sort and rename digital photos taken at archives
    8. Write a citation and add to digital images
    9. Answer an email query about your family tree ( I never seem to catch up on this!)
    10. Create and upload an update of your family tree on your website or tree-sharing website
    11. Link a few photos of people in your family tree program
    12. Rewrite source citations in your family tree program
    13. Transcribe a hand-written document
    14. Look through one of your research folders and see where you are
    15. Write a summary for an ancestor so you can see where to go next (it helps i you have a template to start you off)

    Thanks Elyse, that was a lot of fun!
    .-= Carole Riley´s last blog ..52 Weeks to Better Genealogy – Week 22 – Find-a-Grave =-.

  2. I disagree with #6 – it never takes only 30 minutes for me as I end up going to the next site, and the next … (it’s a self-control thing!). But I love the ideas. Often we end up with small bits of time & think there’s not enough time to really *do* anything . . . you’ve just shown that such is not the case! Thanks for ideas!

  3. Good post! These are great examples of tasks that could be completed on a lunch break or any other short time period.

    I’ll add:
    16. Scan a document and extract info into family tree program.
    17. Back up your family tree program (if you don’t have an automated system).
    18. Write a blog post about an ancestor you’ve been researching.
    19. Learn something – read a genealogy-related article in a magazine or at an online site.
    20. Organize 10 digital files into folders on your computer.

  4. Great Post Elyse, and it gave me some good ideas! Sometimes I waste 30 minutes thinking there’s no time!

    21. Copy or print out one branch of your family tree records/family tree and prepare to donate to local genealogy societies. (Don’t forget your ancestor’s home areas!)
    22. Make a list of ancestor’s photographs you want to share with your siblings/cousins/nieces/nephews/aunts and uncles.
    23. Burn A photo DVD to share with other family members. This is not only a kindly thing to do, in the event of floods, tornadoes, or other disasters, you’ve effectively backed up your photos off site.
    24. Upload some of your tombstone photographs to http://www.findagrave.com.
    25. Share some of your ancestor photograhs on Ancestry.com, etc.
    Sherry Stocking Kline´s last blog post ..Amanuensis Monday – Death of Sgt. Robert Wimp

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