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Overcoming Brick Walls: Cluster Research

It can get very frustrating when you’ve collected lots of source documents on your ancestor but you still haven’t found what you wanted.  You’ve done everything right and still can’t find the piece of the puzzle that you want.  What do you do now?

Cluster Research: Researching the siblings, children, parents, cousins, and neighbors of your ancestors.

So begin expanding your net: gather as much information as you can on the siblings, children, parents, cousins, and the neighbors of your ancestors.  This is important because people often lived nearby, went to church together, traveled together, etc.

For example, I was stuck on my great-great grandfather for about a year.  I knew the name of his father, but I had no information at all about his mother.  I checked my great-great grandfather’s death certificate and marriage certificate with no luck.  I tried to find his mother in the census, but I wasn’t having any luck.

Then I found his father’s obituary and all the pieces fell into place.  The obituary gave me a name and a death year for this woman.  She died not long after the family immigrated to this country, which explains why I couldn’t find her in the census.  She also died while they were en route to Montana, which explains why I couldn’t find any death record for a woman with her married name.

All of these clues that did not come from the ancestor that I was researching, but from his father, led me to find the pieces to the puzzle that I was lacking.

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Changes To “Who Do You Think You Are” Schedule

(Get ready to throw a big tantrum because this news is not going to make you happy)

I just read on the Southern California Genealogical Society and Family Research Library Blog that there will be changes to the schedule of Who Do You Think You Are episodes.  The new schedule is as follows:

  • April 2   – Brooke Shields
  • April 9   – (repeat) Sarah Jessica Parker
  • April 16 – No Episode
  • April 23 – Susan Sarandon
  • April 30  – Spike Lee

I’ll be honest now: I am not pleased with this change in schedule.  I was really loving the predictability of the original schedule.  It was easy to remember and created a routine.  While this change is certainly not the end of the world (they are playing the entire series, even if in a weird schedule), I still feel like it is a bad idea.

While there are many in the genealogical community dedicated to watching this show, what about the rest of the public?  I worry that this will cause a decrease in interest among those who are not exactly “into” genealogy.  Will this make them stop caring?  I just see so many risks for the ratings.

So I am curious – what do all of you think?  How will this effect the ratings of Who Do You Think You Are?


Follow Friday: Find My Ancestor

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