Conquering The Paper Monster Once & For All (e-book)

Are you tired of drowning in piles of papers?  Are you frustrated by all the different organizational systems and still not being able to find one that you can stick with?  Is you research suffering because you can’t find a piece of paper when you need it?  Are you tired of repeating research steps because you forgot that you already did it?  This e-book will help you create a customized system for organizing your genealogy papers – a system that you can understand and stick too.  Follow this step by step guide to understanding the basics of organization and how to create a system that works for you.

Only $4.50

Mini-Guide to Being a Part-Time Genealogist

Part-Time Genealogist: Any genealogy researcher who does not have a lot of time to devote to genealogy. If you are a part-time genealogist, you need to learn how to be efficient and effective to get the most out of your research time. This guide includes 7 essential tips to help you get the most of your research time – no matter how little it may be!

Only $1.99

Why Buy These e-Books?

Here is an awesome testimonial from Brandt Gibson about my two ebooks:

I have bought both of your ebooks, and I want to let you know they are fantastic! Both of them are very concise, clear, and contain a lot of great information. Best of all, they’re short enough to finish in one sitting. Thanks for writing such great books.


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  2. How can I purchase “Conquering the Paper Monster Once & For All”(eBook) and “A Mini-Guide To Being a Part-Time Genealogist (eBook)? When I click on the “pay now” site it tells me the combination is not available.

    I have not had good luck on the downloads.

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