Reflections and Goals

Over the last few months, I have experienced so many changes in my personal life.  Due to these changes, I’ve decided to reevaluate my genealogical goals.

Do I want to be a professional genealogist?  Do I go for accreditation?  How will I balance being a professional genealogist with my dream of being a teacher?  Do I want to write?  Blog?  Lecture?  Research?  A bit of everything?

With a lot of careful consideration and personal reflection, I have decided that I will focus on three things:

  1. Expand my genealogical knowledge as much as possible
  2. Share my genealogical knowledge with others
  3. Have as much fun as possible

As part of expanding my genealogical knowledge – I will continue reading as many genealogy blogs and genealogy related books as I can get my hands on.  I have signed up for the waiting list for the ProGen study group.  You can expect me at every conference I can afford to get to.

Speaking of conferences, one of the ways I want to share my genealogical knowledge is by speaking/lecturing on genealogy topics.  I already spoke last Sunday at the Immigrant Genealogy Society in Burbank, CA and on Saturday I will be speaking at the Escondido Library for the Escondido Genealogy Society.

But just because I will be speaking, doesn’t mean that I will stop writing this blog.  Have no fear – this blog is going to be here for a long time.  I love this blog like it is my baby and view it as a way to watch my progress as I grow as a genealogist.

But my writing will not stop at my blog – I will be sending articles to genealogy magazines in hopes of them being published.  However, I doubt that I will be writing for academic-style genealogy journals because it is simply not my style (nothing against academic journals – I just don’t want to write like that).

These are my genealogy goals and while they may not all come true, you will definitely see me trying as hard as I can to make these dreams a reality.

What are your genealogy dreams/goals?

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10 responses to “Reflections and Goals

  1. Elyse – great goals, it’s good you’ve put them in black and white, this way you can look back and see what you’ve accomplished and what you have not. If anyone can do it you can! I see no problem with merging your two loves together…seems that teaching and genealogy can go hand in hand.
    .-= Mary Warren´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  2. I am on the ProGen study group waiting list, too…I am so looking forward to that! :)
    .-= Jacky´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  3. Hi Elyse,

    Make that 3 of us here on the ProGen waiting list – or at least I was on the waiting list. I got the “welcome” email yesterday for the group starting June 1. I also am starting the NGS Home study course, all while keeping in mind things I need to improve upon for certification. It will be a busy summer!

    Maybe I’ll see you ’round the ProGen discussion group!

    .-= Chris Staats´s last blog ..Free Publicity? No Problem. Calendar Added! =-.

  4. Elyse, It looks like you are I have similar goals for our genealogy future. I think lecturing is the path that I want to take as well. I love that you remember to add FUN to your goals. Let’s remember to keep that!
    .-= Tina Lyons´s last blog ..52 Weeks to Better Genealogy – Week 20 – Land Records =-.

  5. Hi Elyse!

    You inspired me to get off my arse and finally get my blog rolling :)

    I have TONS of work to do, but my first “Genealogy Goal” for this week is to get started on compiling all of my records/documents etc. related to my Williams line. I finally have an interested family member, so this gives me some “oomph” to get started :)

    Here is the address of my new blog where I just posted my very first post :)

    Oddly enough, porphyria is related to genealogy and is what got me started doing genealogy, as you will read :) Life is WEIRD isn’t it!

    BTW, I think your passion for teaching and genealogy go perfect together and will eventually “mold” into the perfect field for you. Consider the amount of exposure genealogy is getting lately and that lots of people will want to learn more about how to do their own research. For example, I LOVED your videos about organizing your stuff and was doing something similar with my own files, but it was so cool to pick up on some things that I had not thought of before.

    I am currently part of ProGen7 and really like the textbook and projects because they are helping me to understand more of the fundamental concepts of this aspect of genealogy. I am “Transitioning” from doing my own genealogy, to wanting to do it professionally for others and have a long way to go before I learn everything, but ProGen is a great way to start! The volunteers who have put it together amaze me and I am forever grateful!

    Anyhoo, I think I just wrote my own book on your blog :)
    .-= Angelique´s last blog ..Introduction, Purpose, Goals =-.

  6. Hi Elyse, I’m a 25 year old hobby genealogist from Australia. This is a great post! I need to make some reflections and goals for my genealogy research.
    My main genealogy goal right now is to start making some goals! I need to bring some focus to my research! Doing genealogy research in my spare time over the last 7 years has seen me accumulate a huge amount of information both on my computer and in my house! I’m thinking I’ll have to start at the beginning again! I have to get organised and I hope to use my new genealogy blog to help. I’m still learning how blogging works though and now following many other genealogy blogs.
    Happy researching!
    .-= Aillin ´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – My new blog banner =-.

  7. Hi Alyse,

    Just found your blog and I really liked this post. I also am not quite sure if I want to be a professional genealogist or not and we seem to have similar goals at the moment. I just received word this week that I will be in the ProGen 8 group starting June 1st! I’m very excited and can’t wait to start.

  8. Hi, Elyse

    Teaching + genealogy is what all of us do to some extent! Looking forward to seeing you at Jamboree soon.

    Best wishes
    .-= Schelly Talalay Dardashti´s last blog ..New Gen Blogs: Would you believe 29? =-.

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