– The Getting Started Stories Contest

I am SO excited to announce this contest because Treelines is possibly my new favorite genealogy website.  Last weekend while at Jamboree, I was able to talk to Tammy Hepps, the founder of Treelines, and get some demos.  And let me tell you: not only do I love the concept of a site helps you tell your family stories, I love that Treelines makes it easy to do!

The rules for the contest are simple: Create the story of how you got interested in genealogy and publicly share it on Treelines by July 19.  Make sure your story is interesting and conveys how you got obsessed with this hobby.  The stories will be judged by Tammy Hepps and Maureen Taylor, the photo expert.

And 3 (count ’em, 3!) winners will each win personal consultations with Maureen!  Woo Hoo!

So get on over to Treelines and get your entry in!  And while your there, really explore the site and let me know what you think.  I’m super excited to start making stories there and see how the site takes off.

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  2. Thanks for the tip, Elyse, this is SUCH a great site! I’ve written 3 stories so far. Really easy to use, and ties it all together…photos, documents, and whatever brief narrative you’d want to explain about them. Plus, you don’t have to be techie to get it down. Genealogy is SO much more than just names and dates. Looking forward to watching this side explode with content.

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