Tracking “Maybe Ancestors” in OneNote

If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you know that I am a Microsoft OneNote junkie.  One of my favorite ways to use OneNote for genealogy is to use it to track my “maybe ancestors”.  Maybe ancestors are those people that *might* be an ancestor but you just don’t have enough evidence to know for sure.  Maybe ancestors can also be cases where you think you might have found your ancestor is a certain record, but you aren’t convinced that the person is the record is your ancestor.  In these cases, I want to keep track of all the research I’ve done on these people but I don’t want that information connected in my RootsMagic tree just yet.  So what do I do?  I stick it in OneNote.

All I do is create a page in OneNote and start adding.  What do I add?  I always add the conversation going on inside my head (my analysis), the source (not in Evidence Explained style, but enough that I can find the source again), and tables to sort out the data I find.  I have use one page for each research question I’m trying to answer.

OneNote Maybe Ancestor Example


Because OneNote lets me add images, tables, text, and drawing to a page, it is the perfect tool to help me track my maybe ancestors.  Plus, it is all saved in the cloud so I can access it from my laptop, phone, and the internet.  What more can a girl ask for in a research tool?

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2 responses to “Tracking “Maybe Ancestors” in OneNote

  1. I’m so 20th century – when this happens to me, I pull out a piece of paper. Not good. I do use Evernote and perhaps that’s where I should do what you explained so well here. Thanks!
    Elizabeth H.´s last blog post ..Uncle Reuben Lowell and the California Gold Rush

  2. What a great idea! My “maybe” notes go in a notebook that gets misplaced so I put the next notes in another notebook and so on and so on. Nothing is retrievable when I get a chance to look further, and of course there’s no way to keep records, photos, or documents with my notes. I got myself a tablet for Christmas and One Note is one of the aps on my start page. I had no idea what it was good for, now it looks like it will be put to good use very soon.
    Thanks for such a nifty tip!

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