The Best of Elyse’s Genealogy Blog 2010

Since today is the last day of 2010, I’ve decided to share the top ten blog posts on Elyse’s Genealogy Blog in 2010.  These blog posts were chosen based on the number of visitors to these blog posts during 2010.

  1. Overcoming Brick Walls: Establishing a Plan of Attack. I’m not surprised that this is the top post of 2010 because it is all about breaking down.  Check out post 2 and post 3 of this series too!  Anyone wanting to break down some brick walls in 2011?
  2. Tombstone Tuesday: Friedrich Harney, Sr. I’m not really sure why this was a top post in 2010, but I’m glad lots of people looked at it because this is definitely a brick wall for me.  Who exactly what this guy?  Where in Germany did he come from?  He seems to just have magically appeared in the United States.
  3. A Toast to Mom: 6/20/1959 – 2/28/2010: This post was written on the day my entire life changed forever.  I wrote this in the wee morning hours of March 1st because I was unable to sleep after hearing of my Mom’s passing.  My world had just crumbled down and I honestly felt as if a train had hit me.  I don’t know why I chose to write this – but I just felt that I had to.  Maybe I wanted to honor her, maybe I needed to just tell someone, or maybe I just needed to do something (the entire night is a bit of a blur).  Either way, the outpouring of love and support is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and it kept me going throughout 2010.  I would not have made it through this year without the support of my GeneaBlogger friends.
  4. Preparing for a Genealogy Research Trip: This post outlines some tips and suggestions for any researcher planning a research trip to an archive or repository.  Anyone have any really cool trips planned for 2011?
  5. Sentimental Sunday: A Goodbye Letter. In this post, I share a letter that my Mom wrote after her father died.  It is an incredibly touching letter and I tear up every time I see it.  In my opinion, it is also the best explanation for why my Mom gave me her last name.
  6. Genealogy Podcasts You Should Be Listening To: Are you ready to get your podcast on?  There is so much you can learn from some of the very talented genealogy podcasters out there!  So get to listening!
  7. 10 Things I Can’t Live Without: As a genealogy researcher, what are the ten things you can’t live without?
  8. Online Family Trees: A Genealogists’ Dream or Nightmare?: This post was awesome because I really feel that it brought about some very needed discussion.  What are your thoughts?
  9. Genealogy on Television: I’m so excited about the second season of Who Do You Think You Are!
  10. 6 Genealogy Tasks You Can Accomplish in 30 Minutes or Less: Are you a genealogist strapped for time?  Here are a few tasks that you can complete in 30 minutes or less!

So what do you think of these “Top 10″ blog posts?  Do you think they are all deserving?  Are there any posts you would add to this list?

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