Thank You For The Support

Good news! My mom doesn’t have cancer, despite what the doctors originally said. While she still isn’t feeling very well, she atleast doesn’t have cancer.

I would ust like to send out a huge thank you to everyone. Your thoughts, prayers, encouraging words, and words of advice are what helped get me through this. I have appreciated every comment and every email. Thank you so much for everything! Genealogists never cease to amaze me!
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12 responses to “Thank You For The Support

  1. This is wonderful news. I hope your mom gets better soon!

  2. This is the best news; I will still hope that they can figure out what is ailing her and fix it, though!

  3. Wonderful news, Elyse! Will continue to keep your mom in our prayers, and hope she feels better very soon.

  4. What great news Elyse! I'm so happy to hear your Mom's results. You all have been in my thoughts & prayers. Now may they find the cause for her not feeling so good, treat her & she'll have a speedy recovery!

    Later, Deb

  5. That is fantastic news, Elyse! You all must be feeling so much better just knowing that cancer is not the problem. Be persistent and keep asking questions until they find out what is truly wrong with her.

  6. That's FANTASTIC!!! My father-in-law had a similar scare with possible colon cancer several years ago, and it turned out to be harmless polyps. I hope whatever is making your mother ill is also minor and temporary. She's in my prayers today.

  7. Great news Elyse! I hope your mom's feels better.

  8. I'll continue to pray for her good health. Thanks for the update, Elyse!

  9. Wonderful News! So glad that things are turning out positive your mom.

  10. I'm so happy to hear about your mom's good news. I know that you are both relieved.I hope the doctors can find out what's going on otherwise and get her feeling better and soon.

  11. Now that's something to do a happy dance over! Hope she gets well soon!

  12. Karen Packard Rhodes

    Hooray! I came to the discussion so late — catching up on all my blog reading — but I'm very glad that the diagnosis was not cancer.

    Now be sure to stay on their cases and find out what it is! Not always easy (from personal experience), but keep at it.


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