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Surname Saturday: Doerflinger

Following in the footsteps of Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings, I’ve decided to do Surname Saturday posts in the order of the Ahnentafel numbering system.  Today I am starting with #1 – myself.  Here is my Doerflinger ancestry starting with myself and working my way back.

1. Elyse Doerflinger

2. Thomas Dugger

3. Sharon Doerflinger (1959-2010)

6. Maxamillian Adolf Doerflinger Jr. (1908-1990)

7. Margaret Janice Harney (1916-1989)

12. Maxamillian Adolf Doerflinger (1873-1960)

13. Marie Keppler (1876-1958)

The children of Maxamillian Doerflinger and Marie Keppler were Anton Francis Doerflinger (1903-1991), Walter Doerflinger (1904-1973), Augusta Marie Doerflinger (1906-1955), William Doerflinger (1909-1988), Josephine Doerflinger (1912 – ?), Edward Doerflinger (1916 – ?)

Adolf/Adolph Doerflinger (1851-194?)

Augusta (1953-1921)

Adolf/Adolph Doerflinger and Augusta had one child, Maxamillian Doerflinger.

Adolf/Adolph Doerflinger divorced Augusta and married Elizabeth Wagner (1865-?) and had two children.  The two children George Doerflinger (1887 – ?) and Ada Doerflinger (1890 – ?).

Are you a Doerflinger cousin?  I’d love to hear from you: GenealogistElyse AT gmail DOT com