SNGF: What’s My Ancestor Score?

Every Saturday, Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings challenges us to a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge.  Although it is now Monday and I am late to the party, this week’s challenge was just too much fun to pass up: What Is Your Ancestor Score?  In this challenge, you calculate how complete your genealogy is based on 10 generations, create a chart for those generations, and find our score.

I filled in the below chart by creating an Ahnentafel chart in RootsMagic and counted up each the people in each generation.

Generation Relationship Possible People Identified People
1 Me 1 1
2 Parents 2 2
3 Grandparents 4 4
4 Great Grandparents 8 8
5 2x Great Grandparents 16 16
6 3x Great Grandparents 32 29
7 4x Great Grandparents 64 49
8 5x Great Grandparents 128 69
9 6x Great Grandparents 256 51
10 7x Great Grandparents 510 5
Totals: 1,023 234

I have identified 234 ancestors out of 1,023 possible ancestors.  My ancestor score is 23%.  Let’s see if I can raise that in 2014!  Thanks for the fun challenge, Randy!

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One response to “SNGF: What’s My Ancestor Score?

  1. Department of pedantry here! I think 512 7x great grandparents, not 510. I also didn’t include myself as my own ancestor, so 1,022 ancestors at 10 generations, though I see that Randy also included himself. Yes, 1,022 is ridiculously pedantic and makes next to no difference to the final score.

    I did it in a Google Drive Sheet though any other spreadsheet will give you a quick answer. This highlighted that it is my Generation 6 that I must focus on.

    Thanks to both you and Randy for a great heads up and a wonderful New Year’s inspiration. Happy 2015!


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