One Crazy Week

Hey everyone,
Sorry for the delay in updating…I’ve had a rather hectic week. I found out that I am getting laid off by November from my job (And I actually LOVE my job…I am completely bummed about it). Plus, there was the earthquake earlier this week – which definitely took everyone by suprise.

Speaking of the earthquake…It was a HUGE suprise that it happened. I live in an apartment right next to the stairs that lead to the other levels of the building, so I am used to some slight noise and shaking every now and again. I was even doing genealogy on the computer, trying to get out of my bad mood from finding out I was losing my job. Then all of a sudden, the shaking began and it took me a moment to realize what it even was. My boyfriend and I quickly stood in the doorway and patiently waited for the shaking to stop. Anyone who lives in California knows about the long over due “Big One” that is supposed to pretty much destroy California….I have to admit, I was pretty terrified that it was going to be that big earthquake.
I won’t lie and say that the first thing I thought about was my genealogy and family heirlooms…but I have to admit that afterwards I sure did! Once I realized that everyone was okay, I knew that I had to immediately back up my genealogy. I then took my camera out and started taking pictures of my family heirlooms to make sure that even if they got damaged, I would have something to remember them by.

All in all, I unfortunately haven’t been updating my genealogy and working on it as much as I should. I have a to-do list that goes on for pages, and yet, here I am typing away…oh well.

Happy hunting!

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