(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Doerflinger Christmas

Christmas was important to my grandparents (on my mom’s side).  During Christmas, the entire family would get together and spend some quality time together.  Here are a few photos from about 1968-ish.

(From Left to Right): Diane Doerflinger, Max Doerflinger, Margaret "Sis" Doerflinger, Carrie Doerflinger, Sharon Doerflinger (Mom), Patricia Hanlon Doerflinger, Larry Doerflinger

Carrie Doerflinger (my cousin), Diane Doerflinger (my aunt), Sharon Doerflinger (my mom)

Carrie Doerflinger (my cousin), Diane Doerflinger (my aunt), Sharon Doerflinger (my mom)

(Left to Right) Carrie Doerflinger and Sharon Doerflinger (mom) in box.

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9 responses to “(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Doerflinger Christmas

  1. Christmas Eve was the big night for us — all waiting in the dining room for Santa to arrive with gifts in the living room (door closed between the two rooms) , ring the sleigh bells, and then go in all agog!
    You photo reminds me of our Christmases.

    My grandfather left for America on Christmas Eve 1910–100 years ago, and I’m posting his diary on my blog 100 years to the date he left Transylvania. It was a harrowing trip & he almost didn’t make it. I hope you take a peek. It’s quite a story.
    Merry Christmas!
    Linda Gartz´s last blog post ..Channeling the Dead to Life

  2. You’ve been given the Ancestor Approved award – please go to http://bit.ly/eUauab to get it

  3. Dana (Katz) Wood

    Was wondering what ever happened to Carrie Doerflinger…My best friend as a child in elementary school

  4. Stefanie Leppert

    Larry Doerflinger was my 5th grade teacher at Edison Elementary School in Santa Monica, Best teacher ever! Would love to contact him.

  5. I understand Diane passed away – Can you tell me anything?

  6. This might be too little too late…I hope not.
    Diane Doerflinger was a best mate of mine …
    I married in 1979 and moved to Australia…that wedding is the last time I sawDiane until apx 1983 when we met for lunch at that diner across from AaronBros in Santa Monica.
    I hope this finds you Sharon and that you remember me…

    • Hi Liz, I am sorry to say that it is too late. Diane passed away a few years ago from a heart attack in her sleep. She suffered from schizophrenia for a long time and although our family tried to get her help, it was very difficult since she would stop treatments.

      My mother, Sharon, passed away in 2010 from liver failure after her many years of alcoholism.

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