My New Heart Award

I feel so blessed this morning thanks to Linda in Lancaster (Find her blog, From Axer to Ziegler at She gave me the “New Heart Award”.

I’ll admit that I have never heard of this before – but I certainly think its a great way to honor our fellow bloggers. It is good to feel like someone is reading this crazy blog of mine.

So, the rules (as far as I can tell) are that I have to give the award to 7 other blogs, and leave a comment on each of the blogs to let them know that I have given the award to them.

So the 7 blogs that I believe deserve this award are:

  • DearMyrtle’s Genealogy Blog: This blog is honestly one of my favorites. Not only is Pat Richley (DearMyrtle) one of the sweetest people I know on facebook, she is also incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to genealogy. She knows what she is talking about. (
  • 24/7 Family History Circle: I am not a huge fan of, but Juliana Smith sure knows how to write an interesting and helpful article. I love the tips she gives because they are practical and creative. I highly suggest reading her weekly planner! (
  • Rainy Day Genealogy Readings: This is such an interesting blog. Great, well-written articles on genealogy. A great, must read! (
  • I Find Dead People: The title says it all! (
  • Writing Your Memories: A great blog full of wonderful tips about how to begin writing your own memories. She makes writing so much less painful! (
  • The Baca/Douglass Genealogy and Family History Blog: Not only is the author a kind, helpful person on Facebook to anyone who has genealogy related questions, but he also knows how to keep his own genealogy interesting – even to those who aren’t related to him. (
  • GeneaNet Genealogy Blogs – GeneaSofts: A great read. Lots of information about genealogy software. Definitely a useful blog! (

Alright everyone – Thank you so much for honoring me with this award! I hope you check the above blogs out because they really are great reads. Good luck, and happy ancestor hunting!

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One response to “My New Heart Award

  1. Andrea B. (Red Loper)

    sweet! I got an award! I didn’t get a comment from you. thank you!!! :)


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