My 2013 New Years Resolution

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4 responses to “My 2013 New Years Resolution

  1. Looking forward to the new video blogs! I am also a OneNote fan. I’ve been trying to like Evernote as well, but I feel the same way you do.
    Jennifer Sepulvado┬┤s last blog post ..Goals for 2013

  2. Really looking forward to the new videos. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on creating a family archive and the different backup options out there.

  3. I’d be curious to know if you use any specific software or document templates for recording evidence and conclusions?

    I’ve looked at options like Evidentia, Lineascope, and those built in to several family tree applications but haven’t committed to any of them yet. I also have concerns about the longevity of very new apps like Evidentia. Who wants to spend countless hours entering data only to have the developer lose interest a few years down the road.

    • I mainly use Microsoft OneNote to put all the evidence in one place, analyze it with my own notes, thoughts, transcriptions, abstracts, or anything else I need (each project is kinda different). I find that it is the easiest program for me to put all of the analysis and proof arguments in.

      I haven’t used Evidentia or anything else like that – but I know a lot of other researchers who are loving it right now. I believe DearMyrtle will be having a webinar on the topic on Monday (don’t quote me on this though).

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