Genealogy Season is Here!

At long last, another semester is over.   With no more projects, exams, and papers on my mind, I am finally free to focus my attention on genealogy.  And that is exactly what I plan to do.  Here are my major summer genealogy plans:

1.) Get Focus and Organized: One of my major plans for this summer is to work on my Downer line.  Since this is my first colonial line and my first line in New England, it has been a learning process.  This is a big project and it definitely cannot be done in small little bursts with long breaks between research – I forget too much and by the time I review everything again, I don’t have time to research.  I’ve gathered so much on my Downer line that it now has its own binder (Don’t worry, I plan on posting pictures of the binder once I finish putting it together).  The bottom line is that I need to take a long hard look at the information I have and find a way to get it displayed better so I’ll have an easier time analyzing it.

2.) Go to Jamboree! Every year I look forward to Jamboree and this year is no different.  Jamboree is like a family reunion for me because I get to see all of my genealogy family and friends.   Genealogy, tons of technology, blogging buddies, and more genealogy. If you want my opinion, this is the best genealogy conference on the planet!*

*Disclosure: I am a bit biased because the only conference I’ve ever been to is Jamboree.  I also think co-chair Paula Hinkle is about the coolest Genea-Gal there is and Leo Meyers takes my pick for top Genea-Guy.

3.) Add more information to WikiTree: WikiTree is a free wiki family tree building website with unique privacy controls that allow the user to collaborate while also keeping the private stuff private.  WikiTree gets better every single week because of an amazingly dedicated and active community and the awesome webmaster/creator, Chris Whitten.

*Disclosure: I work for WikiTree as the WikiTree Evangelist so my job is to share my love for WikiTree with other genealogists.  I do this by managing the Facebook and Twitter pages and interacting with the users.  My boss (and the creator of WikiTree), Chris Whitten, is about the coolest boss anyone could ever ask for.  He treats WikiTree as his baby and truly listens to the genealogy community to make the website better.  He is truly one of the most creative and innovative webmasters I know.  Don’t believe me?  Try WikiTree for yourself.

So what are YOUR summer genealogy goals?  Do you have any major plans?

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3 responses to “Genealogy Season is Here!

  1. Thanks Elyse! And you’re the best geneadoption on my family tree :)
    Paula´s last blog post ..Jamboree- Lodging Update

  2. Can’t wait to see you at Jamboree, Elyse!
    Amy Coffin´s last blog post ..Should I Join My Local Genealogy Society

  3. You’re too kind, Elyse. :-)

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