Depression Era Cooking Lessons and Stories

While cruising on Facebook tonight, I came across a link to a Youtube channel.  The channel is all about Clara, a 94 year old woman who posts videos of cooking lessons for depression era recipes.  While I find that kind of thing incredibly fascinating, Clara instantly became a star in my eyes when she would pause from cooking to tell a story from her family!  I wish she was my grandmother!

I believe it is so important to not only collect the names, dates, and places – but to also get an idea of what life was truly like.  Since I don’t have a lot of stories from when my grandparents were children, hearing Clara’s stories make me smile and feel just a bit more connected to that time.  Sometimes I even tear up when I listen to her (she quit high school because she couldn’t afford socks).

Clara is officially in my favorite people category.

If you are looking for some good cheap food and some stories, then you need to check out Clara.

My favorite videos from her (so far):

What do you think of Clara?
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7 responses to “Depression Era Cooking Lessons and Stories

  1. Very interesting YouTube channel, Elyse. I had time to watch one of her videos so far (poor man’s feast). I subscribed to her channel and will definitely watch more of her videos later. Thank you for this wonderful post!
    Jacky´s last blog post ..Tombstone Tuesday- John McKillop

  2. Thanks Elyse for telling us about Clara. I love to hear about the stories that revolve around the food and recipes of our ancestors. I keep a page going at the Armchair Genealogist with recipes contributed by family historians via Family Recipe Friday at Geneabloggers. I definitely will be keeping an eye on Clara.

  3. Love finding sites like that. I glean as much as I can about the time my family lived in. Thanks for sharing.
    hummer´s last blog post ..Sentimental Sunday The Hero Had His Limits

  4. Thanks for sharing this Elyse! She is so lovable and I’m going to try to make the lentils from “Poor Man’s Feast”! Love the kitchen wallpaper too!

  5. Gayle Swayne

    Clara is very sweet and I love to listen to her stories while she is cooking. My Mom lived during the depression and told me some stories on how they managed to eat during that era. Thanks Elyse for directing us to her Channel.

  6. I like her videos after watching the way she prepares and cooks Eggplant parmesan. I wondered how did she prepares the sauces and its ingredients so I have to search online for it. Usually some people used boiled eggs but she just put mixed tomatoes and parmesan sauce to the fried eggplants. I liked the simplicity of her dishes.
    Virginia´s last blog post ..6 Tips To Help

  7. Thanks for sharing this post about Clara. It was completely charmed,I enjoy listening to her stories. It’s really amazing to see her cooking great food. She is really been a great source of inspiration to all of us to cook simple food for our family. Such an inspiration to all her readers & viewers.
    Mamie Saunders´s last blog post ..The Quit India speech by Mahatma Gandhi August 8th 1942

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