Citations, Citations, Citations

Wow – I just made SO many citations for this family. I went through my large stack of papers to seeing if I had the information recorded on my gedcom. Sure enough, I didn’t have everything, so I began creating the sources and filling in the gaps.

Needless to say I put into my gedcom 28 sources and my fingers are KILLING me. lol. I can already see needing wrist braces because of carpal tunnel.

So overall, that brings my Citations to: 33
Organization: 1
Acts of Kindness: 5
Back ups: 1

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2 responses to “Citations, Citations, Citations

  1. You are doing so well on these citations! I have to go back and redo a lot of mine to match the styles in “Evidence Explained”.


  2. Congratulations Elyse. Your “acts of kindness” should include an extra for Inspiration. Watch those wrists… try some ice if they get worse.

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