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Wordless Wednesday: Nancy Rogers with Curly Hair

Today’s Wordless Wednesday post is this photo of my paternal grandmother, Nancy Jean Rogers.  She looks to be around 4 years old in this picture so it was likely taken around 1928 and likely in Washington state (probably the Seattle or Tacoma area).  I just love this picture of her because her hair is so curly and she just looks so happy and cute.

Young Nancy Rogers with curly hair

Nancy Jean Rogers was born on December 13, 1924 in Washington state to George Monroe Rogers and Julia Margaret Morris.  She grew up in the Tacoma area.  She later married Herbert Hoover Dugger and had four kids.  She died after years of dementia on 10 May 2002 in Torrance, Los Angeles, California.


Wordless Wednesday – Mystery Lady

This is my mystery woman.  The name on the photo says “J.A Rogers” on the bottom left side and “Bedford, Ind.” on the bottom right side.  However, in my database I don’t have any Rogers’ living in Indiana in m database.
On the back of the picture, my grandma Nancy Rogers wrote “My beautiful Grandmother who died too soon and too young from cerebral hemorage.  This about 1900.”
But this doesn’t lead me any closer to figuring out who this mystery woman is because I don’t know the names of  Nancy Rogers’ paternal grandparents.  I don’t even know where they lived.
However, I do have in my database a line from Nancy Rogers’ maternal line that lived in Bedford, Indiana.  But that line has the last name of Frank and Morris.
My theory is that the name was added much later to the photograph and that there was a mix-up about the last name, especially because there is a woman named Josephine Frank who did live in Bedford, Indiana and is Nancy Rogers’ grandmother on her maternal side.  I don’t know Josephine’s middle name, but I feel like this could be her.
But until I am sure, this picture will remain the picture of a Mystery Lady.