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Showing Same-Sex Marriages in RootsMagic 4

After reading George Geder’s blog post, Legacy 7.4; Same Sex Marriage Workarounds on his blog, Geder Genealogy, I became curious as to whether or not my program of choice, RootsMagic 4 would be able to show same sex marriages.

So I checked.  To be honest it took me a while to make it work.  But for the most part, I got it to work.

As you can tell, I made it so that Mark and Miles are married.  However, on the Family View of the screen, Mark is still listed as “Mother”.

When I look at the details box for Miles, you can tell that I can change the labels from “Father” and “Mother” to “Partner” and “Partner”.  The new labels show up when I create reports.

But I haven’t been able to figure out how to change it on the family view.  Maybe this is a question for Bruce Buzbee?

I’m really curious to hear how other genealogy programs handle this situation.

Update: I have received an email from Bruce Buzbee, informing me that the labels will be fixed in an upcoming update of the program.  Every program has bugs and needs updates and I know RootsMagic is a company that will fix what they say they will.  Don’t expect the update out tomorrow because it might take some time to fix, but it will be fixed