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I’ve Been Tagged Again…

Aright so another game of tag is going around. So here are the basic rules:
1.) You must write a blog that lists 8 random facts/traits about yourself
2.) You must tag 8 other people to do the same
3.) Tell everyone you tagged who you tagged.

So…the 8 random facts/traits about me….

1.) I still live at home….but like every other 19 year old I dream of living on my own.
2.) I have a cat who I found on my way to subway….she was starving and she followed me home.
3.) I am studying to be an elementary school teacher
4.) I am a huge girly-girl when it comes to Disneyland….I’m a princess all the way (Which is why I am willing to live off of cereal for a month to be able to afford it every year)
5.) I don’t have a drivers license because I can’t afford the insurance…my mom says I can drive her car when I can pay for my half of the insurance. I can’t do that – so I can’t drive
6.) I can cook pretty well and I enjoy it. My current love is the crock pot.
7.) I am rather political and very opinionated. This is thanks to my mom because all through my childhood I watched the History Channel and the Discovery Channel and the news. I would have a political blog but people leave mean comments
8.) This is kinda embarrassing to admit – but I’ve had my wedding planned since I was about 10. After my cousin got married – I stole all of her wedding magazines and cut out what I liked and made a notebook. I still have it and I definitely think it’ll come in handy some day

Alright….so there are some random facts and here are the 4 blogs I am tagging (yes, I am cheating because I am writing this kinda late)
1.) Msteri at Heritage Happens
2.) Amy at Amy’s Genealogy Blog, etc.
3.) Myrtle at DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Blog
4.) footnoteMaven at Shades of The Departed


I’ve Been Tagged (Meme)

Wow – can this genea-blogger community speed up much more? I mean the number of blogs out there seems endless and it is growing every day. It gets difficult to get to know everybody – but little games like this one keep us all talking and meeting eachother.

I was tagged in this game by Janet over at

So here we go:

10 Years Ago I:

  • Was 9 years old
  • Living in Kent, Washington near Lake Fenwick
  • practically lived on my bike
  • enjoyed visits with my older cousin Genese who lived in a small cabin on Lake Martha and rescued dogs…it was my doggy heaven
  • Begged my mom to get my ears pierced, finally convinced her, we went to the mall to have it done, the nice lady pierced one ear and I started crying begging her not to do the other one. But since my mom had paid for two ears to be pierced – two ears were pierced.

5 Things On Today’s To Do List.

  • Finish reading the two sections of for math class (ugh…)
  • Finish another section of math homework (double ugh…)
  • Pay credit card bill (done)
  • Pick up Prescription (done)
  • Eat another Zinc Pop to try and beat this cold that wants to come on

5 snacks I enjoy:

  • M&M’s
  • Gorgonzola Salad with Ranch from Marie Callendars
  • Pita Chips with Artichoke Hummus
  • Milano Cookies (Milk Chocolate)

5 places I’ve lived (Some longer than others)

  • San Pedro, CA
  • Kent, WA
  • San Marcos, CA
  • Torrance, CA
  • Lomita, CA

5 Jobs I’ve had

  • Tutor
  • Student
  • Office Assistant
  • Family Researcher (not a paid job! lol)
  • Being a Big Cousin to my little cousins

Alright – so there you go. Now it is my turn to start tagging a few people…so here I go!


Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go

FootnoteMaven posted a great post about an old nursery rhyme that tells of a baby’s personality based on the day of the week the child was born.

If you havent guessed from the title, I was born on a Thursday at 8:59 P.M. and I weighed a whole 7lbs 8 ounces.

According to the nursery rhyme, I have far to go.

I guess in some respects it is true…I mean, I have a long way to go with school until I am able to fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher. I have a long way to go until I settle some of my issues with my homelife.

I have a long way to go with a lot of things I guess – and yet I am so grateful for the things I have achieved and the great people I have in my life.

There you go – just thought I’d share a small cute post.

By the way – go visit the footnoteMaven over at her blog and read the article I was talking about:


Getting To Know Me, Getting To Know Elyse’s Genealogy Blog

Hi everyone!

Over on Facebook, Terry Thorton challenged all of us Genea-Bloggers to write up a post about ourselves so that others can get to know us. So…here is mine.

I am a 19 year old genealogist…yes, you read correctly…only 19. Whenever someone discovers my age and my number one hobby, they always get shocked. I gotta admit though – I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I started genealogy when I was about 13 years old. I have always thought of history as an interesting subject (which my mom gets credited for – all those weekends watching the History Channel really pays off!). When I was about 12 or so, my Aunt Deb began to play around with As she started showing me all that she was learning, I began to slowly catch the genealogy bug.

However, it wasn’t until I went to visit my Grandpa when I was about 13 that I became completely and utterly addicted. He lives in Tennessee in a rural town in the Appalacian Mountains. The controversy, the secrets, the rural lifestyle – I was hooked! It was better than any soap opera that you could watch on daytime TV!

Since then, I’ve been addicted. My addiction has certainly made me an odd teenager: I asked for a filing cabinet for my 16th birthday, I asked for an all-in-one printer-copier-scanner for Christmas 2 years ago, and I begged and pleaded for an subscription from anyone who would listen. As I did this, my parents looked at me like I was a foreign being.

My mom has a saying that I think describes me rather well: “Elyse – you are either 6 or 60…and never in between!”

My goal in writing this blog has always been to share my love of genealogy. I wanted to document my frustrations in genealogy while also giving you guys the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I want to now share with you some of my articles that I am very proud of:

1.) My brightest article: How To Fix Your Newbie Mistakes ( This article describes the hard lessons I have learned over the years when it come to genealogy

2.) My breeziest article: My New Heart Award ( This article just shows my huge appreciation for everyone who reads my blog – you guys always brighten up my day!

3.) My most beautiful: What Would You Save? ( While this article has some seriousness to it, it includes pictures of some of my most valuable possessions. I love these heirlooms and I feel so honored that I have them.

If any of you want to get to know me or have any questions or just feel like talking – you can email me at You can also become my friend on Facebook if you’d like (just look me up). And of course, I love reading the comments you guys leave on my articles – they really brighten up my day.


What Would You Save? (Meme: Family Heirlooms)

With all the hurricanes and evacuations going around, I think it is vital that everyone start thinking about an evacuation plan; both for yourself and for your family history.

Let’s say, that tommorrow you were told that you had to leave your house immediately. Maybe you only have 30 minutes to grab what you can and get out. What would you save?

When making this decision, you have to find a way to choose what to save – and things that would certainly go under this category would be family heirlooms and pictures. These items can’t be replaced like a census or death record can – besides, I already have most of my genealogy scanned and online so I can access it from anywhere if need be.
So what would I save? Well here are a few things I would certainly save:

I recieved this kaliedoscope on my birthday. After my uncle died, he left me a lot of precious jewlery, but the only thing I wanted was a kaliedoscope that used to sit in his guest bedroom. As a child I spent hours gazing into it. It is something that is very precious to me.

Another object or objects I would save would be the metal statues that my grandpa created throughout his life. While my mother and I only own a few of the many he made, these are very precious to me. Since I never knew my grandfather (except for the first few months of my life before his death), these items are very precious to me and bring his personality to life for me.

I would also save my filing cabinet, which houses a lot of photos in protective boxes and albums and a few other small items from my family. I would carry that filing cabinet and walk if need be because it houses so many prized possessions – I couldn’t handle the loss of them.

I hope that all of you in Texas and surrounding areas are safe tonight as Hurricane Ike pulls in. I will keep you guys in my thoughts.
And I hope the rest of us learn that with a little preparation, we can hopefully save our wonderful family heirlooms.
(By the way, this article was inspired by Julie Cahill Tarr. You can find her great GenBlog at: