Analyzing DNA: My First DNA Test (Part 2)

This is the second post in a series about my getting my DNA tested through 23andMe.  Read Part 1 here.

I got the first part of my DNA results earlier this week.  As soon as the email of “Your Results Are Ready” popped into my inbox, I started screaming with excitement!  I rushed over to 23andMe, logged in, and began exploring.

I decided to go through the menu on the left one-by-one.  I started with the health section. My overview showed a preview of each of the four subsections of health: Disease Risks, Carrier Status, Traits, and Drug Response.  I was surprised to learn that I have an elevated risk of four different diseases.  One of those diseases was lung cancer – which is interesting because no one that I know of has ever gotten lung cancer in my family.  But then again, since my mom was adopted by her biological aunt and I have no clue who the biological father is, perhaps the lung cancer risk is something I got from his side?  Hmm.  The good news is that my risk for coronary heart disease is decreased – by about 10% than the average risk.

Looking at the Carrier Status section, I was pleased to learn that I am not a carrier for all 47 diseases and disorders that they test for.  Whew!

The traits section was really cool.  Little things like my earwax type (wet – in case you were wondering) and my hair curl (curlier than usual) were things that I already knew.  One thing that really caught my eye was Smoking Behavior – the result was that if I was a smoker, I’d be more likely to smoke.  [On a side note, when I shared this particular result with my dad, he chuckled a bit and then, in his most serious tone, told me he’d kick my butt all the way to China if I ever touch a cigarette.]  Other cool listings in this section include things like Photic Sneeze Reflex (which I have a higher odds of having), Resistance for HIV/AIDS, Tooth Development, Odor Detection, and Asparagus Metabolite Detection (I have a higher odds of detecting).

Finally, I started to explore the drug response section.  This section shows various prescription drugs and the status of your sensitivity to those drugs.  For example, it shows that I have a reduced risk to responding to Hepatitis C treatment [note to self: don’t get Hepatitis C].  It also showed that I have a higher sensitivity to the blood thinner Warafin.  I also learned that I have a higher risk of heroin dependence. [Side note: When I shared that information with my dad, he started going off about how if I even *think* about using heroin, he’ll kick my butt much farther than China.]

When I went to explore the Relative Finder section, I was disappointed to find that those results were not yet ready but would be ready in about a week.  This was a huge disappointment because the email that indicated my results were ready did not mention that only half of my results were there.  As a genealogist, this was what I was looking forward to most.  I know that 23andMe isn’t a company that works exclusively with genealogists, but it should be a bit more clear in the email that only half of the results are in.

In the next post, I will discuss my Maternal Haplogroup (which is visible in this first batch of results) and what I find in the Relative Finder.  Stay tuned for Part 3!

[Disclosure: I received a complimentary 23andMe DNA test in exchange for a review of my experiences on my blog.  My opinions, however, are truthful and not swayed at all by the fact that the test was complimentary.]

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7 responses to “Analyzing DNA: My First DNA Test (Part 2)

  1. Interesting ~ I Love Your Dad! ;0)
    Sharon @JustFamilia´s last blog post ..Ester Perez de Mantecon – 40 Years Ago ~

  2. I found my results (similar to yours, particularly with regard to the Heroin addiction section) fascinating! When I shared them with my genealogy posse, they were very surprised that these types of things could be found by looking at particular spots on the DNA strand.

    Can’t wait to hear what you find with your Relative Finder matches. I wish you luck!
    Sara´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday (almost)

  3. It is fascinating what they can find from a DNA test. I’m interested to hear how the relationship side of the test comes out. I’ve had some great success with some of my clients that have tested and then absolutely no matches with others. Good luck!

  4. It’s been 4 months since you write this and no part 3 on relative finder. Are they that slow in finishing what’s paid for? Alarming. With that much money invested, clients should be pampered rather than delayed.

    • It isn’t the fault of 23andMe that I have been busy and haven’t had a chance to write an update. I’ve found a few matches, but haven’t been able to figure out through what line they are related to me – the guess is that it is probably from my mother’s biological father’s side since I know nothing but a name for him.

      If anything 23andMe has been wonderful and I love their features.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the details of your results. It’s so helpful to know in advance what type of results I would expect. Looking forward to part III!!!
    NL´s last blog post ..Civil War Pension File Received!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing the details of your results. It’s so helpful to know in advance what sort of results we might get with 23andme! Looking forward to Part III.

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