Analyzing DNA: My First DNA Test (Part 1)

Super excited!  I got my very first DNA test from 23andMe.  After years of wanting to do a DNA test and doing some research into the science behind DNA.  (I even had breakfast one morning with Steve Morse during Jamboree 2011!).

So what made me go with 23andMe?  I’ve been watching the company for a while and I’ve love the fact it also presents a health side to their results.  But what really cinched the whole thing for me?  The new beta features that will soon be released.  Plus, everyone at the booth at Jamboree was super welcoming and willing to answer questions.  And they had hilarious t-shirts… I like a company with great customer service and a sense of humor.

So I ordered a Personal Genome Service from 23andMe.  The kit is $299.  Surprisingly, I received my kit in the mail the next day.  I was so excited to get the package that I practically attacked the poor delivery guy and then proceeded to rip open the box.

Before I could provide a saliva sample, I had to avoid eating and drinking for 30 minutes.  Assembling the spit tube was easy but coming up with enough saliva was harder than I thought it would be – but I got it done.

Once the spitting was complete and everything was packed back up, I stuck it in my mailbox, impatiently waiting for the mailman to come pick it up.

In the meantime, I went to the 23andMe website to register my test.  It was super easy to  enter the barcode from the spit tube onto the website.  The whole user interface for 23andMe is really intuitive and easy to follow.  And there are tons of cool features to explore.

While a lot of the features are unavailable til my results come in (in about 2-3 weeks), I have taken advantage of the surveys that are offered.  The surveys provide information that could lead to a better understanding of how genetics influences health.  Thus far, I’ve taken 8 surveys (they are super addicting!).

So now… I wait for my results.  These 2-3 weeks are going to feel like they are taking forever because I’m just so excited for these results.  I keep reminding myself that patience is a virtue and that it takes time for all of this science stuff to happen – but I’m too excited to be patient!  Wonder what my results will say?

Have you ever gotten a DNA test?  Was it through 23andMe or another company? What new things did you learn?

[Disclosure: I received a complimentary 23andMe DNA test in exchange for a review of my experiences on my blog.  My opinions, however, are truthful and not swayed at all by the fact that the test was complimentary.]

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4 responses to “Analyzing DNA: My First DNA Test (Part 1)

  1. Elyse, I remember that wait!! I did 23andme as well. You’ll need 2-3 weeks to peruse your results once they come in– there’s just so much information there. I look forward to reading more about your experience!
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Jump!

  2. I am absolutely addicted to DNA testing and genetic genealogy now! I got into it about 3 months ago, and it’s amazing how much I’ve learned about my family in just that short time. Through 23andMe, I recently found a cousin of my grandmother’s who helped me smash down a brick wall our family has had on that line for about 80 years! I’ve had my 3 surviving grandparents, both parents, and two third cousins take a variety of DNA tests – autosomal, mtDNA and Y-DNA. It gets expensive, but in my mind it’s so worth it.
    If you haven’t yet, I would definitely recommend subscribing to a DNA mailing list like the newbie DNA list on Yahoo. The people there are awesome, very knowledgeable, and super friendly. I’d also recommend reading CeCe Moore’s blog at She has been my mentor and best friend in learning about DNA and genetic genealogy.
    I have been writing about my own genetic genealogy adventures on my blog, under the meme Genes Day Friday.
    Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear about what you’ve learned!
    Brandt Gibson´s last blog post ..Genes Day Friday – Swamped

  3. I went with 23andMe, also, and ordered one for my wife. I haven’t connected to any family, yet, but it doesn’t hurt to have it out there. The health stuff is also interested and it was cool to see what “traits” our daughter most likely inherited from us. I’m thinking about having my father-in-law take a test so we can get his ancestral lines for my wife since she doesn’t get his Y-DNA info. Hope you find some cool stuff.

    I did just send back my AncestryDNA kit, so we’ll see how that one goes, too.
    Brian Zalewski´s last blog post ..One Billion Graves

  4. I have only started with genetic genealogy this year, and so far I have had my Dad’s Y-DNA tested with FTDNA and Autosomal DNA tests (‘Family Finder’) with FTDNA for myself and Dad. Absolutely fascinating so far!

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